Wine: Something For The Weekend?

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Under a Fiver
2007 House White

Considering the low-key name and even lower-key price, there's a surprising amount more flavour and character to this appley dry Gascon blend of colombard and ugni blanc than you might have anticipated.

£3.79, M&S

Under a Tenner
2006 De Bortoli Vat 4 Petit Verdot

Australia provides the ideal climate for the petit verdot grape; this example from the De Bortoli family combines aromatic expression with delightful fruitiness and mellow tannins.

£7.99, Sainsbury's

Splash Out
2006 Condrieu, M Chapoutier

If you want to give your loved one (OK, and yourself) a treat this summer, this superfresh and intense honeysuckle confection encapsulates the magic of the viognier grape.

£25, Majestic