2005 Monastier Cabernet Franc; 2004 Nicolas Potel Saint Romain; 2005 Laurent Miquel Vérité Viognier

Under a Fiver: 2005 Monastier Cabernet Franc

It's unusual to find a pure cabernet franc red in the south of France, but this attractively ripe example of the Bordeaux grape justifies its presence. £4.99, Vin de Pays d'Oc, Majestic

Under a Tenner: 2004 Nicolas Potel Saint Romain

Just one more week to go to sample M&S's French wine discounts, which include this crisp, appley, bone-dry white burgundy. £7.99, down from £9.99, to 5 November, M&S

Splash Out: 2005 Laurent Miquel Vérité Viognier

Intensely flavoured dry southern French white, whose melon and peach fruitiness is framed by oak fermentation. A great imitation of the northern Rhône's Condrieu at half the price. £11.99, Waitrose