1999 35 Sur Sauvignon Blanc, £4.19, Morrisons; £4.49, Sainsbury's, Safeway, Thresher Wine Shops, Victoria Wine

Is this the best-value sauvignon blanc in the world? It's certainly hard to believe that this fragrant cocktail of crisp, tropical grapefruit and gooseberry-like flavours, from winemaker Brett Jackson at Chile's San Pedro, is selling at the same sort of price New Zealand sauvignon blanc was fetching 10 years back.


1999 Fairview Goats do Roam, £4.99, Oddbins, Waitrose, Co-op, Tesco

This is a brooding purple, blackberry-scented liquid with a mouthwateringly gushing black-fruits juiciness that could almost be gluggable old Cÿtes du Rhÿne, if it weren't for the fact that there's just too much flavour. The goats do roam at Fairview, where Charles Back makes this blend of syrah, cinsault, carignan and mourvÿdre, with a dash of pinotage.