The best bottles to buy

Sunday lunch

Château La Gorce, Médoc, 2009

In the exceptional year of 2009, even a lesser-known Cru Bourgeois represents great value. This Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend is an accessible, youthful, vibrant claret, full of upfront, ripe, sweet fruit, with just a smoky tang. Will match any autumnal game. £11.87,; £14,

Midweek meal

Santuario Malbec Shiraz 2014

This interesting Argentine blend is defiantly different – the gorgeous lively blackberry fruit flavours of Malbec work well with the spicy Shiraz; young and fresh and bursting with flavour, while remaining nicely rounded. Drink with all pizza and tomato-based pasta dishes. £7.49,

Bargain basement

Tesco Finest Grechetto 2013

A solo outing here for a grape normally used in Italian blends, and with commendable results: medium-bodied and easily drinkable, with dominant fresh citrus flavour overlaying a little tangy, almost honeyed underpinning, this would be perfect with some creamy tagliatelle or smoked salmon. £6.99, Tesco