Wines of the week: Atlantico Sur Seleccion Especial Tannat 2011; Golden Valley Grasevina 2012; Principe de Viana Tinto Roble Garnacha 2012

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

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Sunday lunch

Atlantico Sur Seleccion Especial Tannat 2011

The first of three bottles from up-and-coming wine regions, this Uruguayan take on Tannat – one of the "good for the heart" red grapes – is deliciously smooth and silky, with dark underpinnings, but balanced with lovely blackberry and loganberry fruits. Ideal with all rare roast meat, particularly steak or duck. £12.50,

Midweek meal

Golden Valley Grasevina 2012

Full-bodied and dry, packed with thrillingly intense but fresh flavours of peaches and apricots, this is just one of the many gorgeous wines from the treasure trove of Croatian whites that are simply waiting to be discovered by the rest of Europe. Robust enough for pork or chicken as well as shellfish or prime white fish. £8.99, Marks & Spencer

Bargain basement

Principe de Viana Tinto Roble Garnacha 2012

Emerging from the shadow of neighbouring Rioja, Navarra in north-eastern Spain now produces fine reds such as this excellent demonstration of Garnacha (or Grenache) as a single varietal. The 40-year-old vines give spice and depth to the soft and juicy, plummy fruit flavours. A terrific all-purpose red. £7.40,