Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

Sunday lunch

Atlantis Santorini 2011

Firmly cast aside all preconceptions about Greek wines and savour this stunning highlight of a promising new range of eastern Mediterranean bottles from M&S. Made using aged Assyrtiko vines, grown on the volcanic slopes of Santorini, this is a distinctive mix of floral and zesty aromas, gooseberry and lemon fruit flavours topped with lovely, fresh minerality. Drink with anything involving white fish, prawns, lemon, garlic and fennel, particularly with Asian spicing. £10.49, Marks & Spencer

Midweek meal

Vistamar Sepia Reserva Malbec 2010

And similarly forget the idea the only good Malbec is Argentine with this absolutely top-notch rendition of the grape from the Maipo Valley in neighbouring Chile. Intense black fruits and tar on the nose are reflected in the vibrant flavours on the palate, with some extra vanilla and toffee from a little oak ageing. Surprisingly complex for the price and well-deserving of a good rare steak or grilled lamb cutlet to do it justice. £8.50, smithfieldwine.com

Bargain basement

Cuvée De Richard Red 2011

As one of the customer reviews on the Majestic website suggests, this is typical French table wine style – an unpretentious, easy drinkable vin de pays, blended from Carignan, Grenache and Merlot grapes in the Aude area near Carcassonne, low(-ish) in alcohol at 12 per cent and with smooth, but fresh, juicy fruit flavours left untouched by oak. Ideal drunk from Duralex tumblers at picnics or barbecues. £5.29 (each bottle as part of a minimum purchase of six bottles), majestic.co.uk