Wines of the week: Bertani Sereole Soave 2010; Open now, Domaine Hegarty Chamans 2008; Marques de Alarcon Rosado 2010

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy
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Sunday lunch

Bertani Sereole Soave 2010

From venerable producer Bertani, this is made using Garganega grapes grown on the eastern side of the Veneto and is reputedly the wine served at the Coronation dinner of King George VI. Full-bodied, complex, packed with flavours of melons and peaches and with a slight almond twist to the finish, it works best with white fish or dishes such as roast pork with rosemary and garlic.

£9.65,; £10.50,; £10.95,

Midweek meal

Open now, Domaine Hegarty Chamans 2008

Made by award-winning wine-maker Samuel Berger on an organic vineyard owned by British advertising mogul John Hegarty near Carcassonne, this Syrah-Mouvèdre blend is full of bold, dark fruit, but also rich, spicy and savoury – everything a good Minervois should be. Ideal with anything meaty and grilled on the barbecue. £7.99,

Bargain basement

Marques de Alarcon Rosado 2010

Demonstrating the versatility of the Tempranillo grape, which also makes aged Riojas, here is a no-frills, user-friendly rosé with a lovely old-fashioned label but a modest price tag. Fresh fruit aromas and a clean cherry and strawberry flavour make a balanced, lightly refreshing mouthful and a perfect summer partner for tapas-style dishes. £6.99, Marks & Spencer