Wines of the week: Château de Segure Fitou 2007; Raimat Abadia Rosé 2010; Ken Forrester Reserve Chenin Blanc 2009

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy
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Sunday lunch

Château de Segure Fitou 2007

Roast duck or a leg of lamb today would be perfectly matched with this supremely smooth and elegant red from the esteemed Mont Tauch co-operative in the Fitou region of southern France. Equal proportions of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah grapes combine well to produce a full, rich wine, nicely balanced between black fruits and tannins, with a long, satisfying finish. £16.95,

Midweek meal

Raimat Abadia Rosé 2010

The summer weather might be changeable but feel the heat of northern Spain with this perfect blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon from Bodegas Raimat in Costers del Segre, where the land is irrigated with snow-melted waters from the Pyrenees. Medium-bodied, with fresh flavours of cherries and strawberries and a crisp finish, it is the perfect wine for tapas or mezze-style dishes. £6.99, Wine Rack

Bargain basement

Ken Forrester Reserve Chenin Blanc 2009

Ken Forrester is the name most closely associated with South Africa's Chenin blanc grape, making full-bodied, complex wines of real character. Packed with flavours of honey and tropical fruits but with a fresh and spicy edge, they are an ideal accompaniment to food, particularly garlicky fish dishes and roast pork. This online-only half-price deal on six bottles looks particularly tempting. £30 for six bottles, (minimum order six bottles; normally £60)