Wines of the week: Farnese, Casale Vecchio Pecorino Terre de Chieti; Aemilia Shiraz Vranec Petit Verdot; CVNE Rioja Rosado

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

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Sunday lunch

Farnese, Casale Vecchio Pecorino Terre de Chieti 2013

Debunking myths that Italian whites are insipid, this is big and rich, made from the relatively obscure Pecorino grape, which is no relation to the cheese: upfront fruit flavours with some creamy undertow, and a long finish. A good match for shellfish and mustardy pork escalopes. £12.37 (as part of an order of six mixed bottles),; £13.45, (2012)

Midweek meal

Aemilia Shiraz Vranec Petit Verdot 2013

More big, bold flavours here from the emerging wine country of Macedonia – the local Vranec is blended with two European staples to create a dark wine of real concentration and power, with a nice, spicy edge. Best for all grilled or barbecued meats, particularly with a spicy marinade or sausages. £8.99, Waitrose

Bargain basement

CVNE Rioja Rosado 2012

A bottle of iced rosé in the fridge is a given at this time of year and this is perfect for sitting in the garden after work. The versatile Tempranillo grapes give more body than a lot of European rosés, so it will be able to handle almost any tapas, mezze or pasta. £7.64 (each for two bottles as part of a purchase of six mixed bottles; normally £8.99),; £7.99,