Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

Sunday Lunch

Figure Libre Cabernet Franc Domaine Gayda 2010

French Cabernet Franc is normally found further north than in the Languedoc, in Bordeaux or the Loire, where its crisp black cherries and bitter chocolate flavours achieve greater depth and complexity from organic production and decent oak ageing, governed by the Moon's phases. This is a simply gorgeous, savoury, spicy, multi-layered wine that would be ideal with a roast pheasant or quail. £14.95, lsfinewines.co.uk; £16.99, oxfordwine.co.uk

Midweek meal

Morrisons Carmenere 2010

Also full of rich chocolate and cherry flavours, with extra aromas of leather, tar and dark plums, this own-label offering from Chile's Colchagua Valley is really excellent value for money and part of a new drive by this supermarket chain to promote its wines. A great all-purpose bottle for a bowl of pasta with tomato-based sauce or any grilled meats, particularly if there is a bit of chilli heat involved. £6.99, Morrisons

Bargain basement

Casa Roscoli Pinot Grigio 2011

Pinot Grigio from Italy can often be a little insipid, but that is definitely not the case here. Light, certainly, and lowish in alcohol at 12 per cent ABV, but packed with fresh, zingy flavours of apples and lemons and highly refreshing, this is a perfect aperitif after a hard day or to accompany a salad lunch. Snap it up now at the bargain price. £4.99 (to 20 November; normally £9.99) Tesco