Wines of the week: Masi Masianco 2012; Allegrini Valpolicella 2013; Zalze Sangiovese 2012

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

Sunday lunch

Masi Masianco 2012

The sometimes lightweight Italian staple Pinot Grigio is given a turbo-charged boost from semi-dried Verduzzo grapes to create a full-bodied wine of substance and power. Lingering flavours of apricots, peaches and a hint of honey, but with a long dry finish. Drink with antipasti or almost any chicken or pork dishes. £10.92,; £11.99,

Midweek meal

Allegrini Valpolicella 2013

Another modern Italian wine, but rooted in the traditions of a family business dating from the 16th century. From Corvina grapes grown near Lake Como, this is medium-bodied, fresh and fragrant, with aromas of cherries and tastes of raspberries. Just the ticket for a bowl of pasta in the garden of a warm evening. £9.95,

Bargain basement

Zalze Sangiovese 2012

Another Italian stalwart, this time given the South African treatment from the reliable Zalze outfit. Nicely balanced between some fresh red-fruit flavour, structured tannins and a little bit of slice, this a great everyday wine for the upcoming barbecue season. £6.59, Co-op stores