Wines of the week: Rioja Vega Reserva 2007, Laroche L’Avenir Pinotage 2012, Cournon Lafleur Malbec PGI Pays d’Oc 2012

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

Sunday lunch

Rioja Vega Reserva 2007

A stylish, warming and  smoothly elegant Rioja Reserva that can fend off January chills. Still young, with fresh and ripe fruit and hints of leather and vanilla, this would be perfect with a roast pheasant or guinea fowl. £14.99,

Midweek meals

Laroche L’Avenir Pinotage 2012

The French owners bring out the best of South Africa’s signature red grape here: characteristic spice and mocha, with structure, depth and length produce  an enticing, full-bodied wine. Good for all robust meat dishes. £9.99, Sainsbury’s

Bargain basement

Cournon Lafleur Malbec PGI Pays d’Oc 2012

Malbec, now more celebrated in Argentina, back in its original home and reinvented as an engaging, fruity, juicy pizza-and-pasta friendly southern French country red. £6.99 (each for two bottles as part of a purchase of six mixed bottles; until 3 February, normally £7.99),