Full-bodied and richly textured: St Supery Estate Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 2006

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

Sunday lunch

St Supery Estate Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 2006

A very different type of New World Sauvignon Blanc, the St Supery is full-bodied and richly textured, which makes a lot of Kiwi SBs seem relatively restrained. Lots of tropical-fruit aromas developing into something much more luscious on the palate, but with an underlying freshness that makes it very food-friendly. Try with robust piscine dishes such as fish pie or herb-crusted baked cod. £21.45, jeroboams.co.uk

Midweek meal

Wakefield Estate Riesling Clare Valley 2010

Another white from another valley on another continent. Characteristically fresh and bright, lemon and lime flavours dominate this extremely well-crafted, very dry, medium-bodied Aussie Riesling from the dependable Taylor vineyards. Its unique "petrol" aromas, mineral quality and crisp acidity pair well with lightly spiced Asian foods or roast Mediterranean vegetables. £12.99, waitrosewine.com; £10.99 (2008), cheerswinemerchants.co.uk

Bargain basement

Famiglia Terraccia Chianti Reserva 2008

Despite the ubiquity of supermarket "discounting", some bargains creep through and this well-balanced, very drinkable Chianti is great value at the discount price for the next two days, particularly if you have any Halloween or 5 November gatherings planned. Nice forward fruit and a juicy, slightly peppery texture make it perfect for grilled or barbecued meats and fulsome autumnal soups. £5.99 (until 1 November; normally £11.99), Tesco