A tricky day for buying last-minute bottles, as major supermarkets are closed, but here are some high-street gems to track down…

For fish

Wither Hills Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013

As recommended before, but here at the best discount price around, the enticingly fresh, grassy, citric and tropical fruit flavours of an SB are a great match for all fish and one of the few wines to go with English asparagus, now on sale. £7.49 (until 22 April; normally £11.25), Co-op (superstores closed today)

For lamb or chicken

Brio de Cantenac Brown 2009

A roast chicken or a rare leg of lamb are the popular dishes today and an equally traditional claret serves both well. The second wine of the highly rated Château Cantenac Brown in Margaux, 2009 was an exceptional year, so this is great value. Smooth, velvety, cedar-y, with a fine long finish. £26.99 (until 12 May; normally £31.99), Wine Rack

For chocolate...

Nectar Pedro Ximenez

The thickest, sweetest, most syrupy sherry of all: dark, rich, tasting of raisins and prunes. Perfect for chocolate desserts or sneaking bits of the children's eggs. And brilliant drizzled over vanilla ice-cream. £13, Oddbins