Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

From Provence

Domaine des Oullières Rosé 2014, Coteaux d'Aix

Hailing from outside Aix-en-Provence, this organic Grenache and Cinsault blend epitomises Provencal rosé: pale pink but vibrant flavours of raspberries and other red berries, a hint of herbs and a bracing, dry finish. Worth making a bouillabaisse for, but also works with any shellfish or crustacea. £10.95, yapp.co.uk

From the Rhône

Les Esquerades Lirac Rosé 2014

Moving westwards across the southern Rhône to Lirac, this is pure Grenache and just a bit meatier, with spice notes on top of the red fruits, but remaining appealingly dry and crisp. Will suit all fish, but also Mediterranean vegetable dishes such as ratatouille or tians. £10, Marks & Spencer

From the south-west

Clos Rocailleux Braucol Rosé 2013

This is a bit special: from an estate in Gaillac in the Tarn region, run by a British couple since 2012, a rosé made with the local Braucol grape: distinctive, with really punchy, assertive berry flavours and a fine, elegant acidity. £11.99 redsquirrelwine.com