Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

Sunday lunch

Trimbach Riesling 2009/2010

While New World Riesling has become ultra-fashionable, here is the original version from a French outfit that has been making serious (and sometimes seriously expensive) wines in Alsace since, so it says, 1626. Great individuality and a dry, clean, mineral purity from this "entry-level" bottle, with full-on flavours of lemons, quince and grapefruit. Will work with lightly Asian-spiced dishes, smoked fish or a lemon-roasted chicken. £10.99 (as part of a purchase of at least six mixed bottles), majestic.co.uk

Midweek meal

Septima Malbec 2010

Malbec is such a terrific grape because at its best it manages to combine big red-fruit flavours with a lovely chocolate, vanilla and leather complexity, while remaining fresh and vibrant on the palate. A good sub-£10 Malbec which has all these qualities is hard to find, but this a fine example and ideal for a steak or Middle Eastern lamb dishes. £8.99 (or £14 for two, until 17 September), Wine Rack; £7.99, nywines.co.uk

Bargain basement

Domaine Skouras Cuvée Prestige Rosé 2011

The double discount here makes this rosé particularly attractive as a nicely chilled accompaniment to a bowl of pasta with bacon-and-tomato sauce or some prawns on a warm evening – which hopefully we might still expect at this point in September. And if the nights are cooler now, at least it might remind us of those Greek holidays. £5.99 (until 30 September, normally £7.99; a further 5 per cent discount on three or more bottles, 15 per cent on 12 or more), M&S