Wines of the week: Vidal Fleury Cairanne 2010; Caliterra Reserva Shiraz Rosé 2011; Legaris Verdejo Rueda 2009

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

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Sunday lunch

Vidal Fleury Cairanne 2010

Established in 1781, Vidal Fleury is said to be the oldest winery in the Rhône Valley, while Cairanne is one of the designated Cotes du Rhône Villages appellations, so one can trust this to be a beautifully well-made and elegant wine, one that cries out for spring lamb or a roast duck. The dominant Grenache in the blend delivers fulsome bright fruit and freshness while Syrah and Mourvèdre contribute some punch with black pepper and structure.

£9.99 (each for two bottles if bought as part of six-bottle purchase; normally £10.99),; £11.25, Oddbins

Midweek meal

Caliterra Reserva Shiraz Rosé 2011

After such appalling spring weather, recommending wines best suited to warm evenings is a hazardous business, but this full-bodied Chilean rosé is worth seeking out for when they do occur. A deep-pink colour, lots of strawberry and raspberry aromas, big flavours on the palate and a long, clean finish. Really good with a simple bowl of pasta, a pizza or other tomato-based dishes.

£6.82 (minimum order of 12 mixed bottles),; £7.19,

Bargain basement

Legaris Verdejo Rueda 2009

A bright, fresh, mouth-filling wine made from one of Spain's lesser-known grapes in the Rueda region, where the vine-growing area is bisected by the upper reaches of the Duero. Zesty, citrussy flavours, with touches of herbs and sweet peppers characterise this wine, which cries out for simple seafood, possibly with Oriental flavouring.

£6.99 (normally £8.34),