Wines of the week: Vitiano Falesco 2011; Quinta da Lagoalva,  Talhão 1 Tejo, 2011; Noster Nobilis Priorat 2007

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

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Sunday lunch

Vitiano Falesco 2011

A rich, savoury and satisfying Sangiovese-dominated red from a top-notch producer in Umbria, an area of Italy we see too few wines from. A good structure, decent acidity from stainless-steel-tank ageing make this an excellent food wine – particularly for autumnal game dishes with mushrooms.

£10.35 (each, minimum purchase six bottles),; £11.99,

Midweek meal

Quinta da Lagoalva,  Talhão 1 Tejo, 2011

This fragrant, aromatic, easily drinkable wine is a gorgeous addition to the Wine Society’s excellent stable of medium-priced whites. Made with  a combination of local grapes  and given a bit of Sauvignon zip, it’s an ideal match for grilled sardines or mackerel. 


Bargain basement

Noster Nobilis Priorat 2007

 A serious wine at a seriously good price here. Made really well mostly from Garnacha grapes  in a first-class area, where wines mostly attract premium prices, this is a big, bold, beefy red. Buy now, drink when the weather turns cold with the first casseroles of autumn.

£7.50 (until Tuesday; normally £8.75), Asda



Terry Kirby selects  the best bottles to buy