First molecular bar not a project at this time for Achatz

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Grant Achatz, award-winning chef and brains behind the molecular gastronomy restaurant Alinea in Chicago, will not be opening a molecular bar called Boom as earlier reported.

Contrary to the information in the article published on February 3 "First molecular bar to open," based on reports from the Wall Street Journal, and Eater National and Slashfood blogs, Achatz has denied that such a project is in the works.

Relaxnews attempted to reach Alinea's press department on February 3 prior to running the story with no response.

Achatz has now tweeted the following denial of the report:

Achatz outlined that there was no project called Boom in the works.

Reports of a bar project had emerged in articles in The Wall Street Journal, Eater National and Slashfood this week.