Foie Gras Banana Split: Chef creates offal dessert at California restaurant

It looks better than it sounds

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The classic combination of sweet and savoury has reached its extreme conclusion: offal with dessert.

Chef David Rossi in California has whipped up a foie gras banana split - with the fatty liver infused into a thick vanilla ice cream.

The indulgent dessert has been cooked up at The Ranch restaurant in Anaheim, California, to mark National Sundae Day.

The ice-cream is covered in a house-made chocolate shell, and served on top of strawberry sauce.

It's plated up with peanut crumble, boozy cherries, banana gel, and a vanilla bean sabayon.

It's served on a cross-section of tree, and is remarkably artistic, as well as decadent.

The dish is served on a cross-section of tree (Foodbeast)

The fatty French liver product is created by force-feeding ducks and geese.

Animal rights campaigners and politicians have made calls for a ban on the dish, but EU rules has so far prevented this.

Pressure could increase for a ban once Britain leaves the European Union.

Last year a ban was lifted in California after two years, when a judge determined that the law clashed with federal government regulations.

It is prized more for its texture than its taste: with a smooth, silky melt-in-the-mouth feel, and only a very subtle taste.