Michael Jackson has chosen 16 perfect presents for beer-lovers and wrapped them all up in one box. His seasonal 16-pack covers the whole world of serious brewing, from San Francisco's Anchor Steam Beer (brewed like an ale, but with a lager yeast) to the triple-fermented Orval from Belgium (made by monks, and good enough to lay down for a year or two). The special boxed set is available exclusively to Independent readers, for pounds 29.99 plus pounds 2.99 packing and delivery.

The 14 other beers in the Christmas box are: Pilsner Urquell; Paulaner Salvator 'double bock'; Anchor Liberty Ale; Westmalle Tripel; Diebels Alt; Bateman's India Pale Ale; Greene King's Strong Suffolk; Harvey's Porter; Chimay Capsule Rouge (right); Traquair House Ale; Kaiserdom Hefe-Weissbier; Hoegaarden Witbier; Timmermans Kriek, and Framboise.

Any reader who orders the Christmas beer box can also buy Michael Jackson's definitive guide for beer-lovers, the Beer Companion, at the special price of pounds 16.99 including post and packing - a saving of pounds 3 over the shop price. To make sure of 16 kinds of Christmas cheer for you and your friends, fill in the coupon below.