MICHAEL JACKSON, the Independent's award-winning beer correspondent, is offering readers a round of wheat beers - not the rather bland versions that are becoming widely available, but Bavarian Weissbiers, which are sharp and thirst-quenching.

The round contains 10 bottles - including the six different beers on the right - at pounds 23.99 (plus pounds 2.99 delivery and packing). Jackson's choice comprises the Huber Weisses and Gutstetter, from a brewery founded in the 12th century, Schneider and Aventinus from the Schneider brewery near Regensburg, and two brewed by the Hopf family in Miesbach. Wheat beers, he says, are 'the most refreshing of brews for spring and summer, and these provide a good range of the aromas and flavours to be found in this delicious style.'

To take advantage of his offer while stocks last, fill in the coupon today and send it off to the address shown.

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