TO END our series on cooking with summer fruits, Pat Millward, proprietor of Millward's vegetarian restaurant in Bristol, submits her favourite dessert: raspberry and rose fool. She found it in Jane Grigson's Fruit Book, who in turn took the idea from Hannah Wolley's Accomplisht Lady's Delight, written in 1675. Ms Millward will receive a bottle of Chateau Coutet 1983 Barsac, from Reid Wines near Bristol. She uses Langdale's Essence of Rosewater. I used mild rosewater, as sold in Iranian shops, and it was delicious.

Raspberry and Rose Fool

Serves 6

Ingredients: 2tbs icing sugar

1lb (450g) raspberries

8fl oz (235ml) whipping cream

4-5fl oz (120-150ml) double cream

1tbs rosewater

Preparation: Puree 3tbs raspberries and push through a sieve. Sugar the rest of the raspberries with 1tbs sifted icing sugar. To the puree, add 1tbs sifted icing sugar, whipping cream and double cream. Whisk until fluffy. Fold in the sugared fruit with any juice. Mix in gently 1tbs rosewater. Check flavour and adjust. Chill and serve in individual glasses.

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