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Londoners love French toast

From battered Mars bars to pork pies to scones with clotted cream - the tapestry of Britain’s regional delicacies is a diverse and wonderful thing.

But despite our local traditions and specialities, are we actually eating in line with our stereotypes?

Do they live off Cornish pasties in Cornwall and Yorkshire puddings in Yorkshire?

Well, probably not.

Pinterest has just revealed the top foods people are searching for not just in cities across the UK but around the world, and the findings show just how globalised our tastes are.

Londoners, for example, clearly have a keen interest in healthy dishes, with courgette lasagne, chia pudding and kale salad all making the top ten.

That said, French Toast takes the number one spot and croissants feature further down the list, so we can be sure the capital isn’t totally averse to indulgence.

Chia pudding (Pinterest/Salted Mint)

Top 10 foods on Pinterest in London:

  1. French Toast
  2. Matcha
  3. Fish Tacos
  4. Polenta
  5. Breakfast Bowls
  6. Chia Pudding
  7. Kale Salad
  8. Courgette Lasagne 
  9. Croissants 
  10. Pinto Beans 

Looking at the top pins of other UK cities reveals just how influenced we are by foreign cuisines - Liverpudlians appear to be fondue fans whereas in Manchester it’s all about the breakfast burrito.

Breakfast burrito (Pinterest/Half Baked Harvest)

Birmingham: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Glasgow: Pork chops

Liverpool: Fondue

Manchester: Breakfast Burrito 

Leeds: Smoothie Bowls

Pinterest is used by over 150 million people per month across the globe, many of whom use it as a virtual recipe book to save meal ideas and inspiration. So even if the findings don't necessarily reflect what people are eating, they at least suggest what we want to eat. 

Of course, people could also just be pinning what they think is trendy and will look good.

The findings paint an interesting picture - commonly considered food snobs who only eat their own haute cuisine, we see the French actually have a taste for rice krispie cakes and roast chicken (whether this is the traditional British version or more of a French style rotisserie chicken is unknown).

And Mexicans - or Guadalajarans at least - could be some of the healthiest amongst us with their love of kale salads. 

Two of Germany’s biggest cities seem to be shunning traditional Wurst and Schnitzel in favour of more exotic foods (Caribbean and chicken fried rice).

The results reveal a focus on savoury rather than sweet treats, with no one cuisine dominating.

Here are the top food searches on Pinterest in countries around the world: 

The US

Austin: Paleo Breakfast

Chicago: Orzo

Chicken orzo soup (Pinterest/The Casual Craftlete)


Berlin: Caribbean 

Munich: Chicken Fried Rice


Lyon: Roast chicken

Bordeaux: Krispy treat


Sao Paulo: Stuffed bell peppers

Rio de Janeiro: Waffles

Waffles (Pinterest)


Guadalajara: Kale salads

Mexico City: Potato skins


Barcelona: Cheese Danish

Madrid: Chicken tortilla soup


Melbourne: Doughnuts

Sydney: Spaghetti squash

A spokesperson for Pinterest told The Independent: "The data we analysed provides an interesting view on the range of food favourites people are discovering and saving on Pinterest across the UK and around the world.  

"British food tastes tend to be trend led and we see that reflected in what people are saving on Pinterest. At the same time, we see that people in the UK are nostalgic and love to save ideas for traditional themes with new and unique twists."