Fruit smoothie franchise expands into Asia

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A chain that specializes in fruit smoothies with locations in the US, Korea and the Bahamas has announced plans to expand its reach into Asia.

Jamba Juice announced earlier this week plans to develop 40 locations in the Philippines over the next 10 years, with the first store scheduled to open later this year.

The chain sells items like fruit and vegetable smoothies, probiotic fruit and yogurt blends, freshly squeezed juices, sandwiches, wraps and baked goods and bills itself as healthy food on the go.

The move to the Philippines is a strategic one, hoping to capitalize on the country's hot, humid climate.

Earlier this year, Jamba Juice opened its first store in South Korea, where summers are likewise hot and humid. They also have locations in the Bahamas.

Expansion plans include strengthening their domestic presence, where the market for frozen, blended drinks has become booming business. The company said they expect to add between 50 and 70 locations this year, which will join the existing 436 stores currently operating across the US.

Dallas-based company Smoothie Factory is also expanding their brand, with projects in the works in Saudi Arabia, India and Mexico. Recently, the chain opened locations in China and Vietnam.

Booster Juice, a Canadian company which opened its first location in Alberta in 1999 by two college friends, has also since expanded into the United States, India, the Netherlands, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.