On March 11, ArtScience Labs, a research network founded by Harvard professor David Edwards, launched a new Le Whif flavor, coffee, in the United States with a roll-out hitting stores throughout England, France and Japan by April.

Le Whif Coffee is similar to Le Whif Chocolate -  the lipstick-shaped inhaler delivers tiny sprinkles of a breathable coffee powder with an amount of caffeine equivalent to an espresso. "Le Whif first offered the taste of chocolate without the calories, and now it offers the kick of coffee without the cup," said Edwards.

Le Whif Chocolate, introduced at the 2009 Cannes festival, "uses particle engineering to form chocolate in particle sizes that are small enough to become airborne though too large to enter the lungs," said Edwards.

Here are some tips on how to whiff with Le Whif:

1. Hold horizontally and pull both ends of Le Whif until it clicks

2. Place between your lips and inhale (the fine chocolate or coffee will go directly into your mouth)

3. Each Le Whif allows for eight to ten breaths and can be closed and re-used as desired.

All of Le Whifs have been redesigned and are biodegradable, organic and contain less than one calorie. Now available in four flavors: pure chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mint chocolate and coffee, the product can be purchased online at LeWhif.com or in select specialty stores worldwide for €1.80.

ArtScience Labs is working on additional Le Whif flavors and innovative breathable food products that will be showcased in Le Whif stores around the world later this year.