Adding an extra (read: alcoholic) kick to food is nothing new - Tiramisu, Grand Marnier soufflé, rum cake - but getting drunk this holiday season will be a piece of cake with these booze-infused products.


Especially timely considering the amount of media buzz surrounding the recent Four Loko "blackout in a can" ban, here are a few safer ways to get your unconventional buzz on.

Four Loko, an energy drink containing a heavy dose of caffeine and 12 percent alcohol, attracted international attention when it was blamed for the hospitalization of several college students and subsequently banned in several US states earlier this month.

Now, another product is causing a fuss - alcoholic whipped cream, which was first introduced back in April, didn't attract much attention until after the Four Loko frenzy. The playful product is accused of being marketed toward underage drinkers. If you're of age and interested, the two main players are Whipahol's Whipped Lightning (375 mL, 16.8 percent alcohol), available in ten flavors, including Hazelnut Espresso and Tropical Passion; and CREAM (375 mL, 15 percent alcohol), available in six flavors, including Caramel and Cherry. Both cost approx. $10.

A less controversial option is presented by UK-based Loseley Dairy Ice Cream Ltd., which launched its Christmas range of booze-infused ice cream on December 2. Each 500 mL tub contains less than 3 percent alcohol and are available for about £2.99 (approx $5) in four holiday flavors, including Mince Pie and Irish Cream, at major retailers like Costco and Asda. 

Now, why limit playing with alcoholic options to dessert? New York City tavern-owner Paul Hurley first introduced his 100-proof turkey in 2009. New York's United Restaurant & Owners Association unveiled the 2nd (annual?) vodka-infused turkey on November 22. The bird, basted with five different flavors of vodka (cherry, peach, orange, lemon and apple) will be served at 100 pubs in the city ($30 for a meal, $70 for the whole bird) accompanied with 100-proof gravy.

If you're in New York this holiday season, taste the boozed up bird at one of P.D. O'Hurley's restaurant locations:

The recipe for 100-proof turkey can be found here (warning: it takes 3 days to prepare):