In Asia and parts of Europe it is common to eat your tea in the form of Earl Grey shortbread cookies and green tea cakes, however artisanal bakers have found new ways to eat your coffee and energy drinks.

A Snack in the Face , a micro-bakery producing caffeine-infused treats based in Campustown, Iowa, USA, has taken its "sugar high" goods business to the web. According to an October 4 note to "snackers," their products are in such high demand it delayed shipping by one week.

The bakery specializes in "the next generation of caffeine delivery systems - brownies, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate truffles, and candies." Each sweet treat is packed with 200mg of pharmaceutical-grade caffeine; equivalent to a double shot of espresso, half of a venti-sized cup of Starbucks brewed coffee or not quite a full 240ml can of an energy drink like Red Bull, Rockstar or No Fear.

They do not contain any high-fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated soybean oil; a half dozen to a dozen cookies or brownies costs $17-30 (€12-21.50) and an eight-piece box of brownie-bite truffles is $6.50 (€4.60).

At the moment, A Snack in the Face ships only domestically.

If you would like to eat a sweet jolt of caffeine, you could also try Buzz Strong's Real Coffee Cookies ($1.50/€1.07 each), which is like consuming one cup of coffee,  or the same dose can also be found in eating a lot of coffee-flavored ice cream - to be precise about 500g of Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and close to 800g of Haagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream or Starbucks Coffee ice cream, according to the health information site's caffeine content counts.

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