On June 22, the publishers Conde Nast announced the ‘reimagining of the brand' Gourmet, a renowned US food magazine that went bankrupt in 2009, as a website and iPad application, Gourmet Live.

Tweets are coming in fast and furious about the very little information released.

For instance, #womensweardaily tweeted, "Gourmet Live launching from Conde Nast, a reimagining of the brand. Will have cooking, travel. Attempt to attract new readers, via the ipad."

"Thanks Tweeps, you've really made my day, week, month with all your support. Re: Gourmet; they're reviving the brand, not the magazine. Pity." #RuthReichl, the former editor of Gourmet.

John Koblin of the New York Observer tweeted, "And whether @ruthreichl is happy about this or not, the lion share of Gourmet Live's content is coming from the archives."

This should make devoted Gourmet readers happy, well at least more content than those that downloaded the free, not dynamic Gourmet Traveler iPad app.

The new site http://live.gourmet.com has a clip discussing the new venture that has left many asking for more; sadly there is only a message on the former site Gourmet.com that reads, "Welcome to Gourmet.com. Please check back soon for more information about Gourmet and its exciting new initiatives."

The new iPad app Gourmet Live is due to be out by fall 2010, with more social networked features.