Juice boxes are a recess ritual for six year olds but not exactly the thing you expect to see at a New York City hotspot during "DJ Thursdays" on May 6.


So in a Carrie Bradshaw, kind of way, the world wants to know "are juice boxed infused cocktails the latest trend?" Regression might be the trend as the chatter continues about Jennifer Aniston's new diet, The Baby Food Cleanse, based on two pureed meals a day.

In a city where places strive to be relevant The Anchor, located in SoHo, is a place to be seen and see celebrities (even though its slogan is a play on the long-running American sitcom "Cheers" theme song, "where everybody knows your lame"), created a new cocktail by taking juice boxes (yes the ones you had in grade school) and dousing them with alcohol and other cocktail yumminess via a syringe to give a "kid-proof", no spill, portable drink.

The juice box cocktails are not on the menu, and if while in New York you want to try an original here is how to order your schoolyard fix according to UrbanDaddy, a lifestyle ezine:

An Apple a Day: A box of Mott's apple juice injected, via plastic syringe, with bourbon, sour apple mash and cranberry juice. 

Cigarette and a Hall Pass: Orange juice box injected with tequila and just a drop of grenadine (served with a single Parliament Light).

The Hall Monitor: A take on the lemon drop martini, with vodka and elderflower liqueur injected into a box of Minute Maid lemonade.

If you don't happen to be in New York, and would like to make your own for your next "themed" dinner party - stock up on juice boxes and think of all the options cranberry, fruit punch, even a more grown-up version could be concocted with ZICO's or Vita Coca's pure young green coconut water. Both brands have the more modern "juice box" packaging sold in 330ml. 12-packs for around £28 (€32.20) Plus ZICO has cocktail recipes like the ZICO MANGOTINI on their site.

Imagine summer days with spiked CapriSun slushies - just inject the CapriSun pouch (200ml/€0.99), freeze, and take out the morning before your picnic. 

One warning, if you have kids make sure you don't mix up your juice boxes with theirs at the next soccer game.