Guinness is trialling a new black lager on its home turf in Northern Ireland and in Malaysia, its parent company Diageo said Tuesday.

The Irish brewery, famous worldwide for its black stout with a creamy top, is road-testing Guinness Black Lager in a bid to catch young male drinkers who prefer chilled, bottled lager to pints of beer.

The 330-millilitre bottles are being trialled for six to nine months in Northern Ireland, as a test market for Europe, and in Malaysia to see whether there are opportunities for the product elsewhere.

In Northern Ireland, the 4.5 percent strength brew - which gets its black colour from the roasted barley added into it - will be available in both pubs and stores.

"Guinness is a strong brand name and there is a market to be explored amongst those who would not class themselves as drinkers of stout, particularly 25- to 35-year-old males who will drink chilled lager from a bottle.

"It's a category that Guinness believes is open to them, because this lager has a stronger flavour, more character and a different aroma," a spokesman for Diageo told AFP.

He added: "It's designed really for those who would like to share in the Guinness brand experience but don't drink stout, which is a heavier drink. It's very much a lager but it is quite characteristically from the Guinness stable."