A good house wine says a lot about a restaurant, and this fall, an industry awards show in Hong Kong will recognize establishments that take care in choosing the best.

The Restaurant and Bar Hong Kong House Wine Awards will launch for the first time this year in response to what they say is an industry-wide call to acknowledge restaurants that have taken care to select a good house wine.

The secret, organizers hint, is to look for a wine with universal appeal that offers good value for money and is of relative obscurity.

A general rule of thumb is to match the cuisine - be it French or Italian - with a corresponding regional wine.

Wines will be judged in three categories: white, red, and sparkling.

Winners will be chosen by the Hong Kong Wine Judges Association and promoted at the Restaurant & Bar show September 6.

Distributors can also enter each category more than once, on the condition that their wine is listed as a house wine in at least one Hong Kong restaurant.

On the same day, the International Wine Challenge in London will honor the best wine makers and merchants of the year in an event that attracts 700 guests.

The Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong show takes place September 6 - 8.