Just because you don't have a generations-old, family recipe for a Christmas goose doesn't mean you can't make some tastey holiday foods. This is how you make eggnog, a Christmas ham, figgy pudding and more.

How To Make Eggnog: A comprehensive video for a recipe serving 10-12 people a cup of the quintessential holiday drink.

How to Make A Holiday Ham: Carrie Levin and Michelle Weber, the chefs of the restaurant Good enough to eat in New York demonstrate their recipe for "drunken ham."

How to Cook Classic Christmas Meals : Traditional Figgy Pudding Recipe: Professional chef Louis Ortiz of Expert Village takes viewers through the recipe to make the English treat from scratch.

Holiday Recipes - How to Make Christmas Cookies: Trained pastry chef Nichole Ferrigno demonstrates how to make three different kinds of Christmas cookies.

How To Make Traditional Mince Pies: Another easy-to-follow video from Video Jug on making the sweet mincemeat pies.

How to Make Latkes: For those who celebrate Hanukkah, the latke is a staple holiday food and is easy to make thanks to this video from Howcast.com.