How to Make Vegetable Gyoza with Kobucha Puree and Aji Amarillo Sauce the Chino Latino way.


Serves 4


For the puree

40g Kaboucha pumpkin

10g Cinnamon  stick                        

10g Orange                                       

5g Butter                                                       


For the gyoza

4 Gyoza wrappers                            

½ tsp sesame oil                                          


For the vegetable filling

1g Ginger                  

1g Garlic                    

Chinese Chives         

30g Carrot                

30g Cabbage             

5ml Shoaxing rice wine

30g Mushrooms


For the garnish

10g dried orange                 

Chinese Chives


For the Aji Amarillo sauce

30g yellow pepper            

40ml yuzu juice                         

280ml olive oil                               

64ml aji amarillo paste            

20ml Rice vinegar                       



Blend the ingredients for the aji amarillo sauce.

Peel the kobucha pumpkin and cook in water with a cinnamon stick and a slice of orange – cook it for 15mins.

Drain the pumpkin and make sure that all of the water is drained out and add butter and salt.

Finely chop the vegetables for the filming and fry in sesame oil.

Once cooked – with a table spoon – place the vegetables into the gyoza rapper and twist and stick together – make sure you wrap up tight so no liquid can escape.

Garnish with dried orange and Chinese chives.