Hu Ge has achieved cult status in his native China after producing a number of ads that have become Internet sensations.



Last week, as if foreseeing McDonald's price hikes in mainland China, Hu Ge produced a new ad narrating a dual love story-a man's love for a woman, and a country's love for McDonald's.

On Wednesday, the fast food chain increased prices of menu items at its 1,000-plus mainland China restaurants from RMB .5 to RMB 1 (roughly $.15), citing an increase in the cost of raw materials.

This development is surprising, considering that the fast-food market landscape in China is so competitive that earlier this year McDonald's began accepting coupons issued by its competitors (like KFC and Burger King). Coupons issued by rivals were applicable toward an additional 10 percent discount on certain products.

Hu's video depicted a love-struck man who finally wins over his object of affection by offering her McDonald's coupons. 

The popularity of the video indicates on some level Chinese acceptance of the chain, which has only been in China since 1990. Hu Ge's Youku (a Chinese YouTube copycat) page has received over 2.2 million hits as of Nov. 19.

There are currently no discount coupons available on the McDonald's China Web site-the last batch expired on Nov. 2, but they would have come in handy this week.

McDonald's China coupons:

McDonald's U.S. coupons:'s

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Because YouTube is blocked in China, visit Hu Ge's Youku page at: