Hush-hush vodka and wine blend launched in Australia

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Swedish vodka maker Absolut is testing out a "sparkling fusion" of vodka and white wine in a limited trial run in Australia this month.

According to industry publication Decanter, the blend is 60 percent vodka and 40 percent Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from wine producer Brancott Estate in New Zealand.

Absolut spokespeople kept tightlipped about the product, but a press release describes the blend as having "fresh tropical fruits with a balanced sweetness through the front and mid palate which is brought to life through the bubbles...with a persistent medium strength Absolut vodka flavour and balanced sweetness leading on to a dry finish," Decanter reported this week.

The newest addition to the Absolut range was launched in three bars in Sydney. Other unlikely vodka pairings that have taken off around the world include Cupcake Vodka and Ciroc vodka distilled using grapes.

Meanwhile,'s Sparking Sea-Breeze Punch calls for vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juice and a bottle of chilled sparkling wine.