There are a number of food movements taking place worldwide with a push towards slow food and healthy choices, however fast food chains are also expanding globally rapidly.

On September 1, Amit Jatia, the managing director of McDonald's in the West and South of India, told Relaxnews, "McDonald's is committed to grow significantly in India. This year we will open 30-35 restaurants and next year we intend to open 40-45 more around the next calendar year."

Meanwhile, in August Wendy's, the world's third-largest fast-food chain, announced they will launch 180 new Wendy's/Arby's locations throughout Russia by 2020.

Here is a select list of 2010 global openings so you can find your favorite fast food (Subway sandwiches, Dairy Queen Blizzards, Dominos pizza), adapted from retail industry management and operations consultant Barbara Farfan's Retail Industry Guide updated on August 2:

Australia: Domino's Pizza (50), Eagle Boys Pizza (50), Subway (25)
Canada: Subway (60)
China: Dairy Queen (100), Fatburger (1), Subway (50), Yum! Brands (96)
Egypt: Dairy Queen (1)
Hungary: Starbucks (1)
India: Domino's Pizza (65), McDonald's (35), Taco Bell (1)
France: Subway (27)
Japan: Sbarro pizza (2), Subway (15)
Kuwait: Fatburger (1), Taco Bell (1)
Macau: Dairy Queen (1)
Mexico: Subway (37), Tasti D-Lite (2)
Russia: Subway (100), Starbucks (3)
Saudi Arabia: Fatburger (4), Freshberry (1)
South Korea: Taco Bell (1)
UAE: Subway (15), Tasti D-Lite (2), Fatburger (1), Wendy's/Arby's (1)
UK: Chipotle (1), Domino's Pizza (55), Pret A Manger (22), Starbucks (50), Subway (37)