For TheWorlds50Best Restaurant gala on April 26 where the much-awaited top dining choices of the S. Pellegrino academy of experts, Bacardi Brown Forman's master mixologist, Alex Turner, created seven cocktails inspired by seven of the world's best chefs. Here are the cocktails described to create your own 'cheftail'.

Catalan Daiquiri (Spain, Ferran Adrià): Bacardi Superior Rum, blood orange and lime with a garland of almond and grapefruit.

West Coast Manhattan (USA, Thomas Keller): Chocolate and orange notes from China Martini Liqueur married with the luxurious touch of Gentleman Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.

Red Snapper (UK, Heston Blumenthal): Fresh bright and intense cold distilled Oxley Gin mixed with a special tomato consommé.

Gazpacho Martini (Denmark, René Redzepi): Bombay Sapphire Gin mixed with homemade Sauvignon Blanc Gazpacho with a whisper of green chilli.

Grey Goose Martini (France, Alain Ducasse): Grey Goose stirred with Noilly Prat Extra dry and garnished with a green olive.

Velvet Deluxe (Italy, Massimo Bottura): Martini Bianco served tall with pressed apple and pear juices, finished with Chambord Royal Raspberry Liqueur.

Pacific Relish (Asia Pacific, Tetsuya Wakuda): Woodford Reserve Bourbon and the flavors of the East.