Introducing Italy's Winezero and other sobering wines

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Friends and co-founders of Winezero, Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini introduce Italians to their first de-alcoholized wines.

Bertolini explained to Relaxnews, "Winezero is the first de-alcholized wine to be distributed in Italy and it's really a new drink. We would like to expand our business in Europe, USA, South America and Asia."

Winezero "undergoes a process of deconstruction of its elements: the wine is separated, getting on one hand, the alcohol, on the other hand, scents, and eventually the rest of components. After this procedure, the wine is rebuilt, without alcohol."

Zanella told Relaxnews that "the wine is kept in oak for 12 months" and is made from "Tempranillo and Verdejo, two Spanish varietals, "but shortly the new varieties will be made with Italian grapes: Lambrusco, San Giovese, Trebiano and Malvasia."

Zanella continued, "this wine is ideal for all the teetotalers, like me. Now I can drink wine."

Winezero is available in Rosso (Red), Bianco (White), Rosato (Rosè) and Winezero 12 months - the wines do contain 0.5% alcohol "as it is impossible to remove 100% of the alcohol" and is legally defined as a non-alcoholic beverage; some fresh fruit juices can contain more alcohol. A twelve-can set of Winzero is priced at €30 and six bottles of Winezero Rosso 12-months are €84; available for purchase online at

Although de-alcoholized wines are novel in Italy, Germany and the United States have been producing them for years. Here are a few wines that have garnered international attention:

US-based Ariel produces premium non-alcoholic wines including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rouge, Chardonnay, and White Zinfandel. Ariel Blanc has won a Gold Medal against wines with alcohol.

Fre by Sutter Home in the USA offers "alcohol-removed" Merlot, Spumante, White Zifandel, Brut, or Chardonnay.

German producer Carl Jung claims to be the original de-alcoholized wine since 1903, with varieties including White Wine, Red Wine, Rose Wine, Merlot, and Riesling.

Vandalia, known for its limited-edition full body non-alcoholic wines made from premium Napa Valley wines has won awards for its NA Cabernet.