On February 22, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, internationally celebrated three-Michelin star chef, opened his latest New York City restaurant, The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges at The Mark Hotel.

Vongerichten has a string of restaurants from Shanghai to Las Vegas including Jean Georges, Perry Street, 66, Vong, Jo Jo and Mercer Kitchen.

Urban Daddy, an exclusive email magazine, gives The Mark the following description: "as you settle in the unpretentious setting of dark wood and plush pink chairs, you'll enter a realm of elevated, hearty fare like oysters, caviar, Foie Gras Marble and Prosciutto Wrapped Veal Chop" .

Vongerichten on his blog has this to say about The Mark's menu:

"I also chose to create a menu of comforting, everyday food to contrast the refined ambiance. I'm working with my team of chefs to reinvent and perfect the rustic, classic dishes from my childhood in France."

On his favorite dish to "debut at the Mark, is my Croque M. It's a cross between a croque monsieur and croque madame. The secret to my decadent version? I make a Mornay sauce with gruyere and comte, then spread it on slices of fresh pain de mie. I do a triple-decker version with Flying Pig Farm ham, comte, and gruyere, then broil it with a quail egg on top. Delicious".

"Of course, I’m still pushing the envelope with new creations as well. Here, I’ve made a buckwheat fettuccine (as tasty as Matsugen’s soba, but completely different in this treatment), and top it with clams, mussels, sweet shrimp, crab, and uni. With a little chile, the nuttiness of the buckwheat really comes out."

And, Erik Hubert, pastry chef, will "make whole cakes, like delicate vanilla and chocolate-citrus charlotte, and serve generous slices".

25 E 77th St (between Madison and Fifth Ave), New York, NY:  http://www.themarkhotel.com/restaurant-bar/the-mark-restaurant/