Fashion high priest Karl Lagerfeld is hitting the bottle - again.

Lagerfeld, who famously credited his 40 kg (90lb) weight loss to a diet of steamed vegetables and Diet Coke in 2001, has teamed up with the beverage giant for a second time to put his signature flair on a trio of limited-edition bottles.

Dressed in black and white with fuchsia touches, the bottles also feature Lagerfeld's trademark, pony-tailed, white-collared silhouette. Motifs of silver polka dots, black diamonds and bold fuchsia swirls drape the bottles and are topped off with hot pink caps. The collector's edition hits stores in 11 European countries in April.

Lagerfeld will also shoot a publicity campaign for the brand.

The designer for Chanel is such a fan of the carbonated beverage, it's rumored he keeps a Diet Coke butler. During a break from a photo shoot in New York in 2008, Lagerfeld was photographed taking a crystal goblet of Diet Coke from a suited-up man on stand-by who had been carrying the drink on a tray.

Last year, Lagerfeld used a similar color palette to launch his first Diet Coke bottle, featuring his silhouette and a fuchsia cap. He used model Coco Rocha for the campaign.

The beverage industry often turns to fashion designers for packaging makeovers. Japanese designer Issey Miyake recently redesigned Evian's water bottle, which has also been dressed by Christian Lacroix.

Meanwhile, Diet Pepsi's new taller, slimmer Skinny can, which launched during New York Fashion Week in February, drew fire from critics for promoting what they said was a negative message about body image.

"Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today's most stylish looks, and we're excited to throw its coming-out party during the biggest celebration of innovative design in the world," read the press release at the time.