Keep your lips kissable with French fry lip balm

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It's the zero calorie way to enjoy French fries - smear a lip balm version all over your lips and keep the smell right under your nose.

Washington-based novelty company Accoutrements has launched a new French fry-flavored lip balm to serve as a portable, quick fix for those moments when you - or your kissing partner - are Jonesing for some deep-fried potatoes.

Or as they say, "it's like a drive-thru for your lips."

Each tube is 6.4 cm or 2.5 inches with a twist bottom dispenser.

The French Fry lip balm is the latest addition to a series of strange, food-flavored balms like wasabi, bacon, corndog, pickle and nachos.

The lip balm retails for $1.50. Accoutrements also has distributors in Germany, the UK, Sweden, France, Ireland and Canada.

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Porcine fanatics J&D's also sells a bacon-flavored lip balm that retails for $3.99.