In what can be tidily slotted into the category of strange and confounding flavor combinations, KFC in China has launched a new Irish cream liqueur-flavored chicken.

As part of the chain's "Taste of Ireland" promotion, the fast-food outlet has married its signature chicken with coffee-flavored liqueur, reports advertising website Advertising

A YouTube video of the chain's TV ad shows Chinese KFC chefs watching anxiously as an Irish taste tester takes his first bite of the new recipe chicken. As he lifts the fork to his nose, the Irishman is apparently instantly transported to his homeland, represented by rolling green hillsides and ancient castle ruins.

The ad also has a shot of grilled chicken legs getting a generous splash of the creamy liqueur.

A commenter on Chinasmack meanwhile gave the product a thumbs down, describing the taste as "a strange combination of spicy chicken and sweetness, but not in a sweet chili sauce way," they wrote. "I wouldn't recommend it."

Colonel Sanders has become a ubiquitous American brand in China, with 3,200 restaurants operating in more than 700 cities, and nearly one KFC opening every day in mainland China. Last year, the chain opened 500 restaurants.

Meanwhile, another quintessentially American chicken brand Popeye's, is also aggressively seeking franchise opportunities in Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam.

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