The Titanic Awards: celebrating the worst of travel published on May 4 is a compilation of 2000 "better-traveled-than-average people's" thoughts and rankings of the "World's Worst" in food and travel. Here is an inside look.

Doug Lansky, the man behind The Titanic Awards and accomplished travel writer currently residing in Sweden and past columnist of The Vagabond, a Chicago Tribune humorous adventure travel column, shared with Relaxnews some highlights of the new book including "World's Worst Pizza" and "World's Worst Street Food."

When planning your next trip you might want to consult a copy of The Titanic Awards: celebrating the worst of travel (13.95/€10.63) to ensure you have a holiday free of spleen burgers and boiled fermented cow's nose. Sometimes it is just as important to know where not to eat as where to eat. Here's the proof from hardcore travelers like Tony Wheeler, Lonely Planet founder, and Robert Young Pelton, filmmaker, speaker and author of "The World's Most Dangerous Places."

World's Worst Pizza

"Many contenders but the pub in Nimbin, northern New South Wales, Australia wins. How could the Australian centre for dope smoking, hippy free living produce something so bloody awful?"  -Tony Wheeler, Lonely Planet founder

World's Worst Menu Item In An Actual Restaurant

"Boiled Fermented Cow's Nose, Denpasar, Bali. (There is a note on this item, in English: "The flavor may not agree with some Westerners." True, that.) " -Tim Cahill, adventure travel writer, humorist, and author of many books, including Lost in My Own Backyard

World's Worst Train Station Menu

"A restaurant in Greece offered "vagina" as one of the chef's specialties. I declined to try it." -Martin Dunford, publisher of the Rough Guides series

World's Worst Food

"There is a tie for the most disgusting food I have tasted, between Turkish tripe soup (color, texture, and taste of wallpaper paste) and Sicilian vastedda (spleen burgers) that were basically the color and taste of feces. Both great local delicacies!" -Melissa Shales, guidebook writer, editor, and chairman of the British Guild of Travel Writers

World's Worst Street Food

"Random pig organs reheated atop a sheet of corrugated metal. No idea which organs they were. Protein is hard to come by in some parts of the Andes." -Thomas Kohnstamm, author of more than a dozen Lonely Planet guidebooks and Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?

World's Worst Military Food

"French MREs [Meals, ready-to-eat]. You'd think they'd have this gourmet stuff, but they had two dozen flavors of greasy southern French crap that even the peasants wouldn't touch." -Robert Young Pelton, filmmaker, speaker, and author of several books, including The World's Most Dangerous Places

World's Worst Drink

"Some sort of strange Russian moonshine served at a bar in Vladivostok. 'You know how improperly distilled alcohol can make you go blind?' my girlfriend said, after taking a sip and grimacing. 'This tastes like blind.'"  -Seth Stevenson, Author and a contributing writer for Slate

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