Margarita how-to for International Margarita Day

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In honor of International Margarita Day, February 22, here are some creative and classic margarita recipes to try explained in videos.

The classic margarita is made with tequila, triple sec, lime juice and served in a salt-rim glass. There are lots of options for this tequila cocktail, it can be frozen, straight-up, on the rocks in just about any color and flavor - cheers!

How to make a margarita with Eben Freeman, Mixologist at Tailor restaurant in New York City, from, a go-to recipe site:

How to make a frozen margarita, ten simple steps from, a site for how-to videos and resources:

Texan blue margarita from, how-to by experts video site:

Perfect Patron Margarita:

Melon margarita from "Mixing with the best", an Australian series about cocktails: