McDonald's, always less than a tank of gas away

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What is the farthest point in the United States from a McDonald's?


Stephen Von Worley, a California-based artist and technologist, was driving down a highway recently when he asked himself that question.

Von Worley, 39, put his talents to work and drew up a map pinpointing the locations of all of the over 13,000 McDonald's restaurants in the continental United States -- the "Lower 48" states excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

The visually stunning map is displayed on his blog,, with the location of each McDonald's as a glowing point of light.

Von Worley determined that what he called the "McFarthest Spot" is in South Dakota, between the towns of Meadow and Glad Valley.

From that point, the distance to the nearest Golden Arches is 107 miles (172 kilometers) as the crow flies and 145 miles (233 kilometers) by car, according to Von Worley.

"Suffer a Big Mac Attack out there, and you're hurtin' for certain!" he wrote on his blog.

A McDonald's spokeswoman contacted by AFP said the company would check the accuracy of the information but no reply was forthcoming.