Would you like fries with that?

First came the fruit bags, then the announcement that chicken nuggets were actually made from chicken, and the next move by McDonald’s to improve their image? Cutlery.

Yes, cutlery for burgers. And we all know there’s a certain place in hell for people who eat burgers with a knife and fork rather than their hands.

The move has been made in France, which we all know is a nation that prides itself on its culinary credentials - like various European countries, French branches of McDonald’s also feature McCafés, serving fancier coffees and baked goods than the main part of the fast food eatery.

They’re classy people, the French.

After trialling the recyclable cutlery in ten branches of the burger chain, it has now been launched in McDonald’s 1,400 restaurants nationwide.

Knives and forks won’t be given out for just anything off the menu though, oh no, they're specifically for the “signature” gourmet burger. Because nothing says fancy like eating a burger out of paper wrapping with a plastic knife and fork.

According to marketing chief of McDonald’s France, Xavier Royaux, the introduction of cutlery doesn’t represent a “break from the past,” but rather an “evolution,” much like the launch of table service which is available in 80 per cent of French McDonald’s.

In recent years, burgers have become very popular and trendy in France - the market is now worth 9.5 billion Euros (£830 million).

75 per cent of French restaurants have burgers on their menu and 80 per cent say they’ve overtaken the traditional steak frites as the most popular dish.

“For a long time now we have seen a change in the burger market, a multiplication of offers, among these the offers of gourmet burgers, so as a pioneer it is vital we position ourselves,” Royaux said.

As well as gourmet burgers appearing at restaurants, McDonald’s also has other fast food chains to compete with, including Quick, Burger King (which has returned to France in recent years) and the new arrival of Five Guys.

Perhaps cutlery could be just what McDo needs to stand out from the crowd.