Milkshakes get spiked around the world

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Rich, creamy milkshakes with a kick are emerging as the latest elevated comfort food trend in the US and UK and are often paired with comfort food dishes like Bloody Mary ketchup-smothered bourbon burgers.

On August 3,, an opinion site with posts from the world's top mixologists, has listed the top places throughout the US to get a brain-freeze buzz with ice cream cocktails. Here are some highlights:

 - Dumont Burger ( Brooklyn, NY
"boozy shakes," including an espresso-powder-laced White Russian.
- Ted's Bulletin ( Washington, DC
ice cream-based grasshopper, tequila sunrise, or a Bailey's caramel macchiato...
- BLT Burger ( New York City and Las Vegas
Signature shakes include Grandma's Treat (vanilla ice cream + Maker's Mark and caramel), and the Night Rider, a blend of Kahlua, chocolate liqueur, Oreo cookies and chocolate ice cream.
- BLD ( Los Angeles, CA
Maria's Milkshake Madness takes place the last Sunday of every month at 5 PM with milkshake flights.
- Bar Burgers @ Bourbon Steak ( Miami, FL
Bourbon Malted, a mixture of Jim Beam and salty caramel.
- Twisted Root Burger Co. ( Dallas, TX
Amaretto-Oreo shake, or a thick, sticky mix of bananas and Bailey's.

Across the pond Brits are getting drunk on American comfort food in London with spiked milkshakes at Profile SoHo in London (

In Northern India, milkshakes are traditionally spiked with weed instead of alcohol during the Hindu festival Holi. Holi is also celebrated with water guns and colored powder. Watch how marijuana milkshakes are prepared: (in Hindi).