More places to get a McAloo Tikki coming in 2011

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McDonald's, the world's third-largest fast-food chain, is continuing their Indian invasion: in addition to opening 35 new restaurants this year, the makers of the popular "McAloo Tikki" intend to open 40-45 locations in 2011.

Amit Jatia, the managing director of McDonald's in the West and South of India, told Relaxnews on September 1 that "McDonald's is committed to grow significantly in India."

"McDonald's is the world leader" with "over 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries" and the commitment in India is strong, but in 2010 "larger markets like US, UK, Japan" will likely see continued growth, explained Jatia.

In India, as with most nations, McDonald's caters to local flavors and culture. Jatia added, "To suit the Indian palette, McDonald's has developed a whole set of products like the McAloo Tikki   burger, Veg. Pizza McPuff, [Chicken Maharaja Mac] and the Chicken McGrill."

Additionally, Domino's Pizza is opening 65 new locations in 2010 and the nation gets one new Taco Bell, according to retail industry management and operations consultant Barbara Farfan's August 2 updated Retail Industry Guide.

If you find yourself craving a McAloo Tikki you can find them on McDonald's menus in the Middle East in addition to all the India locations.