A popular power tool-wielding TV pastry chef will visit diners, food trucks and boutique bakeries across the US in a new dessert show that premieres in August.

Sugar High will follow cake man Duff Goldman - best known for his show Ace of Cakes and his Baltimore bakery Charm City Cakes - as he tucks into snow cones made from the first-ever, shaved-ice machine in New Orleans, a lemon ginger mousse at an Asian diner and a traditional rice pudding at a dessert boutique in Philadelphia.

Goldman's elaborate cakes often require the use of power tools like grinders, drills and blow torches. Some of his most unusual cake creations include an edible, three foot-tall (one meter) butter cream Elvis sculpture, a painstakingly anatomically correct ear, a smoking volcano, and a replica of a CAT scan machine.

The six-episode series of Sugar High will follow Goldman as he tucks into coconut cream pie at a legendary Dallas diner, maple glazed bacon donuts in New Orleans and cream fried dough in Boston.

The premise of the show, meanwhile, is reminiscent of another burly, bubbly personality who also tours the country looking for some of the country's best Diners, Drive-ins and Dives , or what host Guy Fieri calls, 'Triple-D.' The savory version of Sugar High visits 'ma and pa' greasy spoons which often churn out heart-stoppingly caloric meals and are local favorites.

Sugar High premieres August 8 on The Food Network at 10:30 pm ET/PT.